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thank you....

darksider u have made jk2 so much fun lol.
i only bought the game today, i played single player for abit then decided to jump online.
jumped into the first low pinging server i cud find and......
i got 0wned instantly. whilst tryin to have saber battles id get rocket launchered and blow to a billion pieces.
this put me off jk2 online (i know im fickle lol)
then i decided the venture onto the forums to see what other people thought and came across your thread.
downloaded the demo you put up then i realised jk2 cud be fun
so i hopped onto a server (luckily playing the same map as u were) and jumped onto a roof and asked them if they wanted to give this idea a go.
they all agreed, and i must say it was fantastic!
still doesnt hide the fact that i suck with the saber atm though lol.

Dont blame it on the sunshine....
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