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Re: *bump*

Originally posted by gimli_aa
Just bumpin this.

What Linux your runnin
What options you have
How you installed it
What specs your box has =)

When I try to start my server. It stops after is has found the ravengames broadcast site.. maps and all that stuff seems to load fine, the server.cfg file seems to load without any problems..

Just get a hitch error... and i dont know why =)

add +map ffa_bespin or whichever map you wish to start with. Without that in the path the server doesnt know which map to load even if its in your mpdefault.cfg or server.cfg.

my server specs are
p3 500 128megs rammy t1 line SuSE 7.2 = 17 player ffa

p2 450 512megs rammy t1 line SuSE 7.2 = 17 player cty

p3 500 384 megs rammy 1.1 meg sdsl Debian 2.4.18 = 11 player sabers only ffa

ive never seen more than 63% utilization on the cpu for any of these machines with like 1% memory usage. I hate SuSE but im forced to run it at work =( debian is muy bueno.
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