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in the end i opted for the kyles arms model (all the model except arms and saber are invisible) and with saber off its hard to see and land a hit so the people who were coming after unarmed standing still jedi (and there were ALOT of them) had a harder time , though when you duel the glow surrounds the whole model making you perfectly visible - very useful

then we got people *****ing about how it was lame . Yess , lamer than chain killing a person standing with saber retracted and standing still uhuh?

i only just left because a) it was on star destroyer so no good duellin places and b)packed with lamers , only me and 2 others were duellin

jedi master sentrix is a particularly large lamer , beat him in a duel and it was 'lucky' lose and he starts laughing , gets all angry if you brush him with a sabre when hes not ready but has no qualms about killing me when im still and unarmed
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