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*at Silver* Silver! What's wrong with my blaster cannons? bleep bleep brrreep You don't know what's wrong with them? beep beeeeep *shocked* You've disabled them?!? Have you gone crazy?

A Carrack cruiser loomed in front on Raschel in her shocked lapse of attention. Her shields took the brunt of a full turbolaser blast and went down sharply. Silver! What are you doing? Her R2 unit beeped back that they were being scanned. By what? she demanded. With a few more beeps, it answered a life form identifier. Why? Re-enable my blasters dammit! At that moment, an ion bolt managed to hit the side of her X-Wing. For some reason, the Carrack appeared to be trying to capture her now. What was left of the shields took most of the blast, but her communications system fizzled out. Now she couldn't call for help or fight back---she could only evade.

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