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Perhaps he's just sick of people like me

Here's what happends most of the time when I'm attacked by a non-"tactical" player.

1. He runs up to me
2. He starts slashing out randomly and running all over the place.
3. I stand fairly still and block his slashes
4. He looses health all the time when touching my saber
5. I finish him off with a heavy hit or let him continue to kill himself.

People just don't get it. I know that some people think this "I don't know where the hell I swing this thing" technique is good... but that is mainly because most people use it and have little control over when they hit and get hit. It's just not that funny fighting such a frenzied saber monkey... So yes please be "tactical" ... you will see over time that it is good... and you will have more fun when fighting another player who actually has some control over his saber.
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