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HIDDEN DIR and CFG on LINUX dedicated

Sorry to post this in two different threads but I hope this helps some of teh ppl who have been getting strange results running a linux server

On my setup the server has created a hidden directory under my home dir.

It created the dir .jkii and in there was another config file in it

eg /home/users/cenuij/.jkii/base/jk2mpconfig.cfg

I had installed the server to /home/users/cenuij/jedi

This file was also being exectued after my server.cfg which i specified in my startup command line argument. It was also keeping the value g_needpass set to 1, even though i had specified g_needpass 0 in file server.cfg

Hope this helps some of you linux ppl. If your new to linux you'll need to show a full directory listing or turn on the 'show hidden' option in your filebrowser.

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