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I love watching good fights. It's actually more enjoyable than participating in my mind as you aren't frantically trying to keep track of the other person

One of the coolest fights I saw on a Duel server had the best ending I've ever seen.

Jedi1 and Jedi 2 for easiness sake

Jedi1 jumped behind Jedi2. In response, Jedi2 in lightstance did the back thrust maneuver which managed to block the diagonal upslash of Jedi1. Jedi2 then ran away with Jedi1 right behind him, hitting the wall Jedi2 did the wall flip and in mid wallflip killed Jedi 1.

The other good one had a similar ending with one person running from the other, only they didn't wait for the wall, they hit speed got two steps away, and then did the back spin attack and cut the person (figuratively since it's MP) in half.


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