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skins are easy, my favourite part of the starwars universe must be the huge diversity of alien races.

beedo and ree yees are just two of the hundreds of alien characters used in starwars, just look at all the creatures in the cantina or jabba's palace.

beedo and ree yees are by far my favorite mp characters, just think about playing with the mos eisley cantina band, the weird creature luke bumps into at the bar (walrushead?).

jawa's, tuskenraiders, gamorean guards, all of the max rebo band, the bountyhunters from empire strikes back and all the other background characters from the movies.

perhaps a lot of these would need new models cos of their weird bodystructures but ít's all the weird aliens that make starwars so cool.

oh yeah, Nien Numb, he only had one or two scenes i think but he rocked
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