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Firstly my PC Spec as everyone else seems to post it
P4 1500mhz 1536 mb ram 60gb 7200rpm hdd sb live platinum
creative g force 3 running under windows 2000.

I have never experinced any problems running any game at maximum resolution with all features enabled until I purchased JO.

On initial loads horribly long loading times with painfullys slow fps.
Having tired all the different nvidia drivers with my card nothing seemed to work. However I seemed to have stumbled across a solution the problem on my machine. I uninstalled my g force 3 and physically removed it from my system replacing it with a standard vga card. I then removed all registry entries and any software or files relating to my g force 3. I then reinstalled my geforce 3 and used the latest 28.32 nvidia drivers.

On restarting the game I set everything to default and switch on everything up to maximum gradually. I am now able to run the game seemlesely with everything on max exept for graphic detail which must remain at high not very high. I am now getting intial level load at 12 seconds and quicksave reloads at 7 seconds!!!!!

I can only assume that the previous drivers were interfering somehow with my card and by doing a fresh install set everything straight. It worked for me why not give it a try???
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