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Need Old Levels

I don't know bout you guys, but I want some of the cool old levels back! These new ones suck! You can't even freeze people in the carbon chamber!!! We need the old MOTS style MP levels. Like the Sarlacc pit, the Swamp, Jabbas Palace, Cloud City, The Wookie/Ewok village...

Ah the good old days playing as a bounty hunter in the Sarlacc Pit. I remember jumping high in the air, coming down, and freezing someones arse with my carbonite gun...

Or as a jedi in Cloud City. You would duel inside, shoot out the window, watch your opponent fly out to their impending doom... Then you would go to the Carbon chamber and fight some crazy dark jedi with force pull and grip (this is back when grip WORKED! not the NEW grip that sux.) man, they would kick ass. Grip, push, pull lever...... You get the idea.

So let's get some of the old GOOD mp levels back!!! NOW!!!

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