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Exclamation my 2 credits


Hoth (with useable turret cannons)
Kashyyyk (wookie homeworld)
Vortex (the musical Glass tower that Leia crashed into)
Lower levels of Coruscant
Jabba's Palace (complete with Bomar monks)
Myrykr (no force powers)
a Mon Cal capital ship
New Republic senate chamber
Mos Eisley
Gungan city (good for the Jar-Jar slaughter mod)
Naboo hanger
Naboo city

Models: (ala Big Fluffy Pack 2 style - if you have the pack you can see all of the models)

Hoth Han
Hoth Luke
Sam & Max (I always played as Max in the BFP2 days)
Indiana Jones
Sy Snoodles (and the band, but NOT the spec. ed. rock video versions)
Rouge squadron pilot
Scout Trooper
Snowtrooper (w/ cape)
Mon Mothma
Dressed up Amidala
The Grim Fandango characters
Tatooine Luke
Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
Monkey Island group
Luke and Han in stormtrooper armor
Deth Star Droid
Snaggletooth (in blue)
Hammerhead (Ithoran)
Episode 4 cantina aliens, and band

Weapon mods:
Blas-Tech DL44
force pike
force axe
Rebel Alliance blaster (From the beginning of ANH)
Boba Fett Gun
Tusken long rifle
Gaffi sticks (no bantha traks needed)
"Hold-out" blaster
dual lightsabers (with animations)
Akimbo pistols
I forget the name but it is a type of sniper rifle that has no "laser effect"
deployable/operable laser cannons (ala Day of Defeat)

ill write that later

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