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Hi, this is my 1st post

I've been mapping for about 3 years now, 1st for Hl and then Q3 engine games like RtCW and now JO.
I've planned out a map and I'm about to start making it using Gtk radiant, I can then just re-map the textures and put in the necessary entities once the mapping SDK is released.

It's a dual map, where players dual on top of the landing pads/at-at station on Endor (y'know where luke gives himself in). Players can fight on the landing pad itself or go down in a small elevator to the glass tunnels. I hopefully wih have a few at-at models docked at the station that can be fought on top of. Players can be thrown from the top to the floor far down below, but I like dualing with just the saber.. shows true skill The rest of the map surrounding the station would just be nice eye candy and then the huge shield generator dominating the sky line.
I'm definitely open to suggestions for gameplay features on this map, and any other ideas for maps you could think of.

As for other things I'd like more saber stances and saber types - double sided, increased length etc. maybe more elegant, oriental stances, more special moves and whatever other cool new force powers you could think of.
This has been mentioned many times b4 but an RGB colour slider for the saber as well as choosing your own hilt would be amazing.

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