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All good ideas, here is some more... i think

All that is great what you listed, i want all those things, but how about some Destroyer Droids, from ep1 with self made shields, and can have extra sheilds when you pic them up, and when you crouch, you roll up into the lil ball form, and when you stand, you come out just like the movie hmmmm, but there is jumping. and there shouldn't be force powers for it. Rockets on the bottom of the droid for jumping.

and i wanna see a REALLY good Darth Mual Model! not a Skin, a Model! I wanna see a self made model like the one in Quake 2, that was sweeeeeeeet! how about Emperor Palpatine? And with Maul, you should be able to have the choice of 1 light side, and the second. When you press 1, it holsters the sabre, so, lets make it, 1, sabre, 2 sabre, and then holster

Yes, and the battle Droids who run around saying "Roger Roger" And how about some from the Ep 1 game for the Dreamcast. I realise not all of these things are possable. But it is worth a shot. Or at least, maybe Raven can help to.

So be it, Jedi.
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