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2 pence worth...

Basically people, we are looking at film models first and foremost we know what to expect and we will probably be more grateful for it when it arrives. Personally, if I wanted to play with missile weapons I would play UT or CS. I like lightsabers, I want to be a jedi, I can't be a jedi, so i pretend....
So, to those who are modelling, let Jedi/sith be your number one priority! I want Mace Windu laced with sound clips taken from pulp fiction and shaft!

(is there any way to play sound clips?? maybe as taunts)

This is also true of level design i.e go with what we've seen, though I understand it is easier to incorporate Ep 4-6 easier than 1 and 2. What JK2 does lack is the EmpStrBack multiplayer level on bespin which was phat. it would be cool if comedy sound bites were included i.e lukes rat faced cry of "it's impossible!" and the climactic music too.

A week ago I left a post concerning lightsaber handles...I see that there are three different models in the game (not just skins!)
any chance of an edit there?

If only I had the time, I know that we all talk a lot but select few of us can contribute. Thankyou whoevers listening! Ganbatte!

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