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*How about a class system like MOTS. Jedi's only use Saber and Force, while others would get their appropriate weapons (eg: Trooper would get the E-11, the Repeater and the FC-1 while the Bounty Hunter get's something like a Bryar/E-11 Hybrid for a mix of accuracy and rate of fire, and the throwable weapons).
All Classes would have appropriate Skins. (I dont like seeing a stormtrooper weilding a Lightsaber).
Since there are people who dont mind bending the concept of Starwars and pick that Stormtrooper skin and use a Lightsaber, Class sets could be turned off.

*A more efficient MP Duel(One that preferably uses the Dueling animations and system in the SP game).

*This one is a BIG One. A Remake of Dark Forces: Jedi Knight.
One big mod that basically allows people to redo the original JK story using better grafics and better dueling(I absolutely want to fight Jerec with this dueling system)
To all those who have the full version of JK, an optional feature that enables people to watch the same FMV's. You just needed to remake a couple of models and maps, put them in the right sequencial order and apply them to JO.
All people would have to do is copy the SMK files to a certain folder and turn the FMV's on and play JK revamped.

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