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THE ONE DAY DUEL: Terach Metrola VS. Fod Lio

This is a one-day-duel which took place over IM.


Terach Metrola-
your average everyday punk in a chillen in a city bar. Wears dark brown pants that are way too big for him (arabian, almost) and a white shirt, of the same description. he carries a stolen stormie rifle, and 3 thermal grenades. Easily pissed off. Runs from jedi. Hates Gammoreans.

Fod Lio-

Run-away jedi from coruscant, hates authority, likes cliffs and heights. a padawan, not a true jedi (sorta like yun).
Virbroaxe, black pants, black long sleeve shirt with black armor vest (vibroaxe is what the gamorreans used in return of the jedi).

Fight will be posted soon.

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