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SaberoneDC: Terach sits on a stool on the far end of the bar, away from the door. He hates the door. Thats where people come and go, and he hates people, so he will just stay away from the door. As Terach throws down another lomin ale, he pounds his fist on the counter. This action is replied with a new lomin ale placed harshly next to his hand. After grunting to the bartender, he sucks down half of the 5 pint lomin ale.

RogueFifteen: Fod walks into a bar. He sees a man looking like he doesn't want attention drawn to him. He then asks the bartender for a drink of caff. The he walks over to the lonely man, and asks if he may sit by him.

SaberoneDC: "Hell no, man. back off" Snaps the man

RogueFifteen: Don't tell ME what to do. I asked kindly, I didn't demand. u are?

SaberoneDC: Howz about yas don't talk at all? problem solved.

RogueFifteen: "Now that's going a bit too far. Now how much you got?"

SaberoneDC: "Hah, i've got more than enough to beat the face offa ya. That is, if you can call it a face." Terach Drinks some more Ale

RogueFifteen: *Fod can't take the insults anymore and spills the hot caff on the stranger's head*

SaberoneDC: "What the %$#@? Ima KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!" Terach jumps from his stool and pushes Fod over the bar, right into the bartender.

RogueFifteen: "You want to fight?!!?!?!?!?" *Fod reaches behind him and unsheathes his vibroaxe, which comes to life (it has a trigger to turn the vibro action on and off i think) and swings clumsily towards the stranger*

SaberoneDC: Terach dodges the blade, but the blow was so misaimed, it swung completely around till it landed right on the ale keg behind Fod. Ale begins to spray out of the cracks, and soaks Fod. Terach begins laughing, as he reaches for his rifle...

RogueFifteen: *Lod backflips, holding the vibroaxe above his head, and charges madly towards Terach*

SaberoneDC: Terach raises his rifle to shoot, and fires a barrage of blasts, most of which glance off the vibroaxe. While none hit Fod, a stray blast nails the bartender (now crouched behind the counter, and had just lifted his head above the counter to see what was going on) right in the face. The bartender flys backwards, and lands in the ever growing puddle of ale. "Hah! now i don't have to pay." screams Terach, despite the life threatening battle he is in.

RogueFifteen: *still charging foreward, Fod force jumps over the stranger spins around and begins to perform side-slice move with the vibroaxe*

SaberoneDC: One of the shots slams into Terach, right on top of one of his thermal grenades. The blast is reflected out towards the tables in the room, and several elderly customers are sent flying into the ladies bathroom. Terach screams in pain. he looks down, and sees that his leg is gone. "damnit! I'll kill you!" Terach picks up his leg and begins beating Fod with it.

RogueFifteen: "AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" *Fod then force pulls the strangers' gun away from him, throws his vibroaxe into the unfortunate crowd of spectators, and checks the ammo* "Good, 5 energy cells left" *Lod switches to stun setting and aims the gun at the strangers' abdomon and fires 3 stun bolts*

SaberoneDC: Terach realizes several things at once. First, he has no leg on the left side, and he is using the dismemberd limb as a weapon. Second, he realizes he only has his leg to fight with, because his gun is gone. Third, he notices a strage sensation; despite that fact he still has a leg left, he can;t feel it.


Terach falls onto the floor next to Fod, and continues to beat Fod, until he remembers he still has some thermal grenades left. He reachs to his side, and throws a grenade right at Fod.

RogueFifteen: *"oh sithspit!" thinks Fod, and quickly switches to kill setting, shoots the grenade, and calls upon everything in his force training to absorb any impact he might take*

SaberoneDC: Terach wakes up... in a bacta tank. All he remembers is... uh..

"how much do i owe that bartender...?"

RogueFifteen: *Lod recovers, all he can remember is the ringing in his ears. Then he remembers what just happened, and looks at his surroundings...* "Is this a....JAIL CELL!!!?"


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