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Originally posted by Cenuij

can anyone come up with a solution for my problem..

I got the linux server up and running OK. I set a password on the server when it was running as a duel server so only myself and my friends could play. I have changed my cfg back to running an FFA server however g_needpass 1 is still set!

It makes no difference if I specify set g_needpass 0 in the cfg file it simply will not change back. When i try and change g_needpass at the system console or with rcon it reports that g_needpass is read only and cannot be changed.
what you need to do is add this to the server.cfg:

seta g_password ""

-or- type this into the remote console

seta g_password none

-or- via rcon (without rcon pass set)

/rcon rconpass seta g_password none

-or- via rcon (with rcon pass set)

/set rconpassword rconpass

/rcon seta g_password none

You need to use the word 'none' in the console and rcon because the "" are removed and if you type /rcon seta g_password "" it'll just think you're asking what the password is.

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