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Unhappy Trouble on Leia Mission 3

I am having serious trouble getting anywhere on Leia mission 3, the one where you start at the top of the map with a small force and have to rescue a Jedi artifact.

I am always getting completely wiped out before getting into the main base, even if I try to attack from both the front and back. I use the Wookie troops at the front taking the rebels round the back, but the wookies are wiped out by the time I've destroyed a large quantity of the base with the rebels. I then get wiped out by the returning mechs and troopers.

I am only stuck on Leia, and have completed 99% of the other campeigns (I just need to finish the bonus mission on Han & Chewie).

Can anybody help me please as I'm getting fed up. I've tried 10's of times to do this mission.

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