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Question How do you play as the AT-ST in a regular or bonus mission?

Is this a PC-only thing? I'm afraid I own the Nintendo 64 version, so is that why I can't do it?

I enter in the 'CHICKEN' code and then it brings me to a remote and isolated, nondescript grassy plain where there's an Imperial shuttle which takes off if you destroy a Rebel bunker surrounded by its sheild generator and transports. Outside of that there's some huts and two or three Imperial blasters with probe droids flanking them. You can destroy all objects, but after that, there's nothing to do and you just walk around idly.

Can someone by any chance explain to me why it's not possible--or is it?--on Nintendo 64 to play as the AT-ST on a regular or bonus mission; one of the 19 base levels?

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