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I'm as yet unsure of what sort of character I'd like to play, but to keep it simple I'll probably go with one similar to my current Pen&Paper game characters. These are the current two concepts I've got:

Name: Taralin Shath
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 185cm
Place Of Birth: Yeere, Reytha
Character Type: Pilot
Occupation: Freelance Pilot (ex-Imperial Navy)
Allegiance: Imperial (though somewhat disenchanted)
Appearance: Tall and lean, pale-skinned, aquiline features, cold eyes. Always tidily-dressed (though not necessarily smart)
Bio: Born on the Imperial agri-world of Reytha, Taralin Shath grew up a loyal Imperial subject. Always having had itchy feet, he applied to the Imperial Academy as soon as possible, graduating second in his class as a fighter pilot. He was assigned to the Black Star Squadron, based on board the Victory-class Star Destroyer Faithful, where in his time he proved himself an excellent combat pilot, notching up an impressive tally of Rebel kills including six Z95s, one Y-wing and an assist on a Corellian corvette. As one of the sectorís top pilots, it was a given that on the construction of the Death Star he was selected to be a part of its fighter detachment.
Undergoing operational conversion training in the TIE Interceptor, Shath was one of the first pilots into combat during the Battle of Yavin. However, his fighter was damaged by an X-wing pilot who out-fought him, leaving him drifting in space. When the Death Star was destroyed, the blast wave pushed his craft out of Yavinís gravity well, and would have left him stranded to die had he not been picked up by a passing merchantman under the command of the Bounty Hunter Randal Slade.
Disenchanted with the Empire that he felt had abandoned him and with a new respect for the ace rebel pilots that had bested the Imperial Navyís finest, Taralin Shath began working with the Bounty Hunter until he could reach a neutral port. That neutral port happened to be Tatooine, where Shath and Slade parted company.
Taralin Shath is a very honourable man and a gifted pilot. Though he remains largely loyal to the Empire that has always served him well, he has begun to see the power and resolve of the Rebels, and now is beginning to believe that the Empires days are numbered. Though he has lost most of his Imperial equipment and assumes that he has been left for dead, he longs to work as a fighter pilot again, and is planning to return to the Academy to either be reassigned or retrained. He has heard rumours of new TIE prototypes that may soon reach production, and wants a crack at flying one.

Name: Khasiel Blaiz
Race: Zabrak
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 160cm
Place Of Birth: Unknown
Character Type: Jedi (she hopes)
Occupation: Freelancer/Nomad
Allegiance: Neutral
Appearance: Diminutive, introverted, lightly tattooed, dark-skinned.
Bio: Khasiel has been a wanderer all her life. Her parents crewed a transport named the Silent Wayfarer, trading cargo between any number of starports. Her life fell apart when she was 19- an Imperial patrol stopped the Wayfarer for a routine search whilst docked at Naboo, a search that discovered a stash of contraband. Her parents tried to escape Imperial custody, and were killed in the process. Khasiel only escaped by hiding in one of the shipís crawlspaces until the troops dispersed.
Her father had always kept a stash of trinkets and antiques that could have been valuable, and these had been left untouched. Taking these and a compact blaster-pistol, Khasiel tried to sneak out of the dock. At the door she was stopped by a squad of Stormtroopers. Acting on instinct, she tried to explain herself away as a random passer-by. Amazingly, it worked.
It would turn out, as she vanished into Theed, that the stress of the moment had lit a spark within her, a spark of The Force. Over the next couple of years similar incidents occurred, until one day she was discovered by a man named Jamfu Dalei. Dalei turned out to be a Jedi Knight, and had sensed her ability. For a month the pair lived together, Khasiel earning a little money wherever she could while Dalei taught her some of basics of The Force. And then, one day, Khasiel awoke to find herself alone. The only sign of Daleiís existence at all was a brief note, telling her to leave Naboo as soon as she could.
Though she is young, Khasiel Blaiz is anything but naÔve. She is pragmatic, cautious and exceptionally careful, almost to the point of paranoia and especially now that she understands some of what she is. With the death of her parents she has no loyalties left, and considers herself completely alone. Though by her nature she is an enemy of the Empire, she remains staunchly neutral in the case of wider conflicts, and will try to blend in to any environment by toeing the party-line of the dominant group. Meanwhile she is trying to expand her knowledge of what she is, and hopefully build upon the powers she has.

That sound in keeping to you guys?


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