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Re: Multiplayer - CL_ParsePacketEntities-Error

Originally posted by Lego
Hi folks,

I'm trying to play JK2-mukltiplayer and after playing a while JK2 exits to the mainscreen with this message appearing in a yellow JK2-style window: Error: CL_ParsePacketEntities: end of message. I tried different options for setting up a game, but the problem occurs too in a joined game.

But strangely this error occurs just in the multiplayer-mode singleplayer works just fine.

Are there any known conflicts ... hm, i might try my firewall (Norton Firewall) ... please help.


This indicates a packet did not come through as expected, if you are trying to play the game on your own server, it may be something with your system outside of the network device, but for now lets assume its correct.

1. Upgrade the drivers
2. If you are doing this hooked up to an ACTUAL network, check the cables, etc.. can you transmit files and such?
3. Try disebeling the firewall all togather to test it, it may be blocking the port the game uses. Try setting it to allow all netowrk traffic for a minute, if that doesn't fix it, then use CTRL+ALT+DEL and make sure to end task the firewall, if it still does not work, you've ruled out the firewall.
4. Spyware, notorious for screwing with TCP/IP multiplayer games. There are several spyware apps out there, but I suggest adaware from lavasoft, avaiable here

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