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*Garik sees Orthos go into hyperspace and the carack exploded.
Garik felt his gut turn cold. Orthos.... he was gone... but did he make it. he looked on his sensor board. almost half the Wraiths had gone to hyperspace. Raschel was still evading.

Then suddenly an interdictor cruiser dropped out of hypersapce. They were in deep you know what. It activated the cones of dead space.... they were not going any where.... and then something amazig happened. In front of him an entire fleet of Warships came out of hyperspace. but it werent imperials. by the looks of it.... it were Hapan War ships. Garik had encountered one when he was trading in theyre space. The imperials thought they were keeping the rebels here... but they drew the Hapans out of hyperspace when they were passing threw.The Hapans were confused at a point in where they were. but quickly saw what was going on and attacked the Imperials. The Imperials were outnumbered... but for how long. this might be a good time to sneek away. Garik tried another pass of Raschel. he blinked his lights again. F O L L O W M E.
he repeated it again. F O L L O W M E.
He set his comsignal to squad frequentie.*

This is Wraith one to all Wraiths who didnt leave the scene yet. Follow me in flight groups out of here. we are gonna get away while the imps are fighting the Hapan. We dont want to get mixed up onto this fight. Kasshyyk is a long way from here and i dont know how long it will take to get there.... but we have to let the grip of the interdictor slip. lets first get out of here.
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