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Ok, first off I'd like to say....isn't this supposed to be a FAQ? If people have questions, they should be posted in a separate thread below so that someone with the answer is more likely to spot it quickly. I know that I only visit this thread about once a day...maybe. I spend the rest of my time looking for question threads with 0 replies first and move on to the rest as I have time.

Ok, just to address the post above...I spotted a couple of problems, one of which may have just been a typo in copying it over on your part.

seta url "http://timmyd-shared //missing end quote

seta sv_timeout 15 //I've saw a lot of players get "timed-out" needlessly with this low a setting. Some players just take a bit to load the maps. I personally use 120. I'd recommend no less than 60 unless you're a computer racist and want to punish people with "older" systems.

set g_logSync 0 "1" //Which do you want? 0 or 1? I don't believe that g_logSync0 is a used cvar. use set g_logSync "0" for off and set g_logSync "1" for on

seta g_autoMapCycle 1 //This completely defeats the point of having an admin defined map rotation--which you do. It looks like you are cycling through each ffa map already. So, I think you'd be just as well off to leave this set to 1 and delete the rotation. If you do that, make sure you ignore the next comment.

map ffa_bespin //Again, this starts a specific map and ignores the rotation. If you want to use the rotation, change this to vstr d1

As a side note, you might want to add the following:

seta g_friendlySaber 0

You have g_friendlyfire off, but that's only when you are swinging your saber (or firing other weapons). The above will make it so you can't hurt a teammate by just running into him with your saber. Good luck with the server.

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