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*from Aaron's flagship* Sir! The anomaly we were sensing! It just leaped of the charts! Something's happening!

*Aaron leaps to the comlink* What do you see?!?

*Flagship officer* Don't you see it? It's like the universe is---*yelling in the background: Turn the ship around! Hurry! Alarms blare*

Aaron: No, I don't see a thing! *looks anxiously out of the window*

And then he saw a supernova of light, expanding from the star millions of klicks away straight toward him and his fleet. He hears screaming over all the open comlinks, and his fleet zips disoriented in all directions. His shuttle was almost trasversed the buffer zone of space between the two titanic fleets. As such, he got a ringside view of an utterly mindblowing scene.

The shockwave from whatever it was that had exploded washed over Aaron's fleet like a ripple in water. The ships went wavy to Aaron's shocked eyes. It was like the universe was having a hiccup.

Aaron's entire fleet shimmered and blinked out of existence. Afterimages of the massive fleet seemed to hang there for a split second. And then the shock wave flashed across space toward him. It started to dispel and for a moment Aaron entertained the hope that it would miss him. But then it hit his shuttle with what seemed like the force of a supernova.

Aaron fell, unconscious.

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