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Captain: Andromeda, We've just lost contact with the the bulk of Celchu's spacefaring fleet, Aaron Celchu's Shuttle becon is among those that have dropped off our screens. I fear he may be destroyed or his shuttle disabled, with all that debry we'll never find him.

Rommie: Nooo! how can I help Corran now, We needed Celchu. without him....

Communications Officer: Ma'am We're recieving a Transmintion from the surface of the planet, its a Commander Skywalker.

Rommie: Thank God! Luke are you there?

Luke: Yes Rommie, to what do I owe this pleasure.

Rommie: Corran's Fallen, His mind has been taken over by a Dark Sider, I need your help to help him recover.

Luke: Of Course Rommie, I'll help in any way I can, shall I join you on your ship or do you want to meet on yavin 4.

Rommie: Yavin for certain, it would be best if I limit knowledge of Corran's affliction to those whom I'm certain are loyal. We will be down in a shuttle in a matter of minutes, only Corran and I will be Aboard.

Luke: very well then Rommie, we'll meet at the Temple of Bluecleaf Cluster, its remote and secure.

Rommie: Thank you Luke, Thank You....
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