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Several Days Later....

Luke: I believe we've brought him back.

Rommie: Corran? can you here me...

Corran: Rommie? Luke? wha...what happened I was on the RP, I can't remember...I feel as though I've been asleep for months..memories foggy...I was fighting Nazgul he was in my mind...ROMMIE What have I done, Aaron, the Fleets whats happened. We must return to the ship.

Rommie: Yes Corran, we're going back as soon as we can the shuttles fueling now.

Corran: Thank you Luke, for everything.

Luke: Your welcome, I need to get back to my students now though, and Mara gets grumpy whenever I'm gone to long. Mara and Grumpy are not a good combination.

Corran: I understand Luke, Mirax gets that way sometimes. lets make sure they never meet ok.

Luke: Right.

Corran: Now back to the ship Rommie. Back Home.

Rommie: Aye Aye Sir.
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