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Back Aboard the Republics Pride...

Scan Officer: Captain we're picking up a becon in the debris, shall I dispatch units to recover it.

Captain: Dispatch a Lambda Class, one with a recovery tow line.

Deck Officer: Shuttle dispatched Sir, also I've just been informed and Lord Horn and Andromeda have returned from the surface, the Commander appears to be back to his normal self, I wonder what was wrong.

Captain: Your not privy to that information, if the Commander decides that its in the best interests of the Regime for you to be informed then he will see to it tht you are.

Deck Officer: Aye Sire...I didn't mean to presume Sire.

Captain: Lord Horn wants intelligent officers, if you failed to notice I would merely think you stupid.

--Minutes Later--

Captain: Lord Ho...

Corran: Address me as Admiral Horn again if you will.

Captain very well L...Admiral, the shuttle I sent out to on a Recovery mission is approching, 1 faint lifesign detected, it has the marking of Celchu's private shuttle. I have a Med team standing by in Bay 4 to Meet them.

Corrran: Very good Captain
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