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The thing about the game is that most of us didn't buy Jan's death. Some of us did - like the mere fact that they didn't show anything, period.

My haphazard re-write isn't the perfect example, but I sure as hell would have believed it.

I wouldn't feel robbed if they did decapitate the dummy. If you mean, you simply run into Jan later on without an explination...well, yeah, that'd be stupid. But when you have that showdown with Tavion, it'd be a little more edgy - since it'd take a little more than the "She's not really dead" ploy to spare her life. And when she finally reveals Desann's meticulously planned diabolical scheme - that he'd [Desann] go so far to make sure Kyle fell for the ruse - it'd make you go, "hmm..."

Trust me, if I wrote out a new script, things would be a lot more intreaguing. Not to say that they aren't already. ;-)

Among other things, I'd rather a beafier ending. It was a little on the light side.

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