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Right. If the player believed the death, the "Tavion Scene" could be considered JKII's equivolent to the "Fork in the Road", comparible to JK1's. It also would have meant a lot more.

When the scene came, I was basically nodding along, saying, "Yup. I already knew that. 'Bout time." What I should have been thinking is, "What the hell are you talking about? I saw you kill her! You're just affraid to die, ya' pansy."

Is she really speaking the truth? Or is she just looking to get away alive? They never really accomplished that in my opinion.

In fact....I'm surprised that Kyle actually fell for it!


I think that if we truely believed that Desann and Tavion killed Jan, that would give us something to fight for. Not only is Kyle gunning for some payback, but so are we.

Just imagine when you actually see Jan alive - but not necessarily well.

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