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It's a real pity to read that LA should try at Force Commander again and just re do the Engine. Focom II would give the game a new breath of life and a second chance to succeed where the predorsessor didn't.

Just because the original was un popular doesent mean a revised oen would also be. I am playing Focom V1.1 and I am loving it ! I admit it has taken me a long time to get into this game but once you begin to understand the general game play and work out strategy the game is worth while playing. Even if you do get your butt kicked ! LOL Well I actually like the game, people like my boyfriend won't look at it. Bummer cause I'd like to play a multiplayer game with him

(Is it weird a female to play this game) ?? - Well just wondering. mind you I wanted to be Princess Liea when I was a Kid too LOL
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