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same trouble here

I decided to cheat and fly through the door, but things take a turn for the bizar from this point on.

I follow it through and get to the landing site, I see jan, with two jedi by her, non of which are moving, I can come up and poke em with my light saber but they just stand there like morons, the big guy laughed a bit at me but remained still.

they will attempt to defend themselves if i continue to prod em but they wont do anything else, im sure there is supposed to be some scripted scene but the game continum seams to have been shattered.

I remember i did leave the third at-st alive, I will try that command line at-st kill thing and see if that hepls, but definatly a patch is needed, thanks for letting us know, I was (thinking about) tearing my hair out over this one.

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