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Cool Guy Jedi II with FreeBSD

I am running a server on a FreeBSD 4.5 box and it works fine. I had to change the elf to linux as mentioned above. Other than that it works fine. However I am using the default config, I changed everything to what I needed but I haven't added anything extra yet. I am running on a pIII 500 with 384 megs of ram, I am going to buy two more 256 meg sticks this weekend. (been wanting to do that for a while, running MySQL and Apache, sshd, etc so I need more memory anyway). However, instead of using screen (which is a good idea) I did "nohup <server commands> &" then hit enter and typed "bg 1" to send it to the background (I was logged in remotely when I did it).

I have a question though, I am using a dynamic IP. So does that mean I should make my startup script restart the server if the IP changes, or is it aware of such changes? (I get the feeling from watching it start up that the answer is no, it is not aware of ip changes) I already have a cron job that telnets into my router and pulls my public IP and notifies my dynamicDNS service if it is different from the last time it ran, i can just add it to that if I have to.

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