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OK.. I was looking here for help with the "Sys_Error: Couldn't load mpdefault.cfg" error... but didn't see a solution... then I found the solution. So, for anyone else's reference:

If I try to start jk2 from some other directory (like my home dir) I get that error. But, if I cd to the game dir first it starts up just fine. Hope that helps some peeps.

OK... now for my other problem: How might I start my server running in the background in such a way that I can then log out and it'll still be running?
My server is hidden in some deep dark corner and has no keyboard or monitor, so all I use is telnet. I've tried ending the command with '&' but still, if I log out of telnet, it takes the server down with it.

Any help? please? pretty please? pretty pretty please with Kandy on top?

Oh yeah, if it matters much:
Celeron 733
160 MB RAM (shush!)
SuSe 7.3 on the 2.2.19 kernel (UT webadmin didn't like 2.4 kernel)

Thanks in advance for any help
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