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Originally posted by KandyFLip
OK.. I was looking here for help with the "Sys_Error: Couldn't load mpdefault.cfg" error... but didn't see a solution... then I found the solution. So, for anyone else's reference:

If I try to start jk2 from some other directory (like my home dir) I get that error. But, if I cd to the game dir first it starts up just fine. Hope that helps some peeps.

OK... now for my other problem: How might I start my server running in the background in such a way that I can then log out and it'll still be running?
My server is hidden in some deep dark corner and has no keyboard or monitor, so all I use is telnet. I've tried ending the command with '&' but still, if I log out of telnet, it takes the server down with it.

Any help? please? pretty please? pretty pretty please with Kandy on top?

Oh yeah, if it matters much:
Celeron 733
160 MB RAM (shush!)
SuSe 7.3 on the 2.2.19 kernel (UT webadmin didn't like 2.4 kernel)

Thanks in advance for any help
Use screen. It is a fantastic utility that will let you reattach to the server session and is more friendly than using &

For example, all you have to do to start the server inside screen is:

screen -S jedi ./jk2ded <your server arguments>

The screen will blank, and the server starts up. At this point:

press ctrl+a, then press the d key by it's self. You should see a line that says

[Screen detached]

The server is still running though. You can logout safely at this point.

Now, to get back into your running server, all you have to do is log into your box as the user who is running the jk2ded process (that you screen'd)

and type:

screen -r jedi

You should now be in your server. Do the same (ctrl+a, then d) to get back out.

Hope this helps.
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