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I'm using that thing pretty often too - definitely it appears to be the only viable choice against any other opponent with a lightsaber (since they will either deflect your blaster fire or Force Push your explosives back at you). Lightsaber and Force Speed to give you an edge...

As per Fyyar, somehow I managed to destroy him without destroying the antenna (on skill level 3 (Jedi Knight)). I thought that too when I saw him - but haven't figured out any way to bring down his shields permanently even though I tried, so what I did is zap him 30 or 40 times with Force Lightning first while running around (you have to be on the run and run in certain patterns only, otherwise he will bring you down with his alternative repeater fire pretty quickly) - healing when necessary -, then used some explosives to bring down his shields temporarily (I think it was a rocket launcher that I used), then used Force Speed and hacked him with a lightsaber from behind using medium style. His shields did go back up, but then I was able to finish him off with a couple of grenades.

As per sniping - Disruptor Rifle is not the only weapon you can snipe with. Bryar Blaster (on alternative fire) satisfies the purpose perfectly if the object is stationary. On the average, it will bring down a stormtrooper with one hit if fully charged, and only takes 5 energy units. The following script (entered in console) will allow you to zoom with any weapon:

bind INS "set cg_fov 10"
bind PGUP "set cg_fov 80"

Pressing Insert will zoom in on a distant object, pressing Page Up will zoom out back to your normal view. You can then aim precisely at your opponent from practically any distance in the game, and any weapon with absolute accuracy (such as bryar pistol) should do.

Now if the object is in motion, you have to shoot ahead, and this can be tricky (with per polygon hit detection in JK2!).

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