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Boy do I feel stupid. And somehow skilled at the same time.

Two things i didn't realize. 1) You can take out the antenna. 2) His armor is explosive resistant.

Here is what I did (on normal difficulty). I walked arround the center cone thing, firing explosives at his shield til it went down, then I slapped on force speed and pummeled him with explosives. Twice doing this and I was out of any and all explosive ammo. Ugh. Including thermal detonators, rockets, mines, and metal whatsamadoodles. Now here is the fun part. What I did after this is I circled around the outside until I had full health and force, put on force speed, ran up and did the medium style flip over/slash down move. Got bounced around a bit, and returned to circling. When his sheilds went down I slashed him. Took me 45+ minutes, and at the end of that level I had upwards of 150 uses of heal, and over 50 of speed. WHEE!!!

Did you know that if ants were as long as humans are tall and maintained the same speed/body size ratio they would walk at something like 45 mph? (about 75 kph I think) Running they could probably get up to over 100 mph.
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