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Question How can I make the server not "say" when I don't type /say ?

Here's my problem, in the HL dedicated server, whenever you type something that isn't a command, it'll either say it's not a command or not do anything. In Q3 based games, when you write soemthing that isn't a command, it'll print it in the server. In HL, to print something on the screen in the server you need to add 'say' before what you wanna say. In Q3 based games, even if u have \ or / , it'll print it.

This is very bad. If for example someone wanna change his rconpassword or password on the dedicated server, now the person makes a mistake and writes paswsord "PASSWORD".... now everyone on the server knows the password because he made a spelling mistake.

If there's a way to fix it by a cvar, it'll be really helpful, if not, then ..
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