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>1. Upgrade the drivers

We have the most recent drivers.

>2. If you are doing this hooked up to an ACTUAL network, check the cables, etc.. can you transmit files and such?

Our LAN worked with Jedi-Knight

>3. Try disebeling the firewall all togather to test it, it may be blocking the port the game uses. Try setting it to allow all netowrk traffic for a minute, if that doesn't fix it, then use CTRL+ALT+DEL and make sure to end task the firewall, if it still does not work, you've ruled out the firewall.

Firewall is disabled.

>4. Spyware, notorious for screwing with TCP/IP multiplayer games. There are several spyware apps out there, but I suggest adaware from lavasoft, avaiable here

We donīt have any Spyware ( except Windoze ) installed.

Playing on the Internet still doesnīt work.We get disconnected ( even the Server ) after 2-5 Minutes.
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