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Thumbs down Good or bad plot? Hmmmm. (Spoiler alert!)

Hmmmmmmm. A tough one.


Kyle's a bit of dude.

Lando's just as I remembered him.

No Jar Jar. Yessssss.

No ewoks.

At-st's. Mmmmmm.

Cantina scene, with that annoying music.

It's not Star Trek.


Reelo's not as good as a huttese crime lord.

No C-3PO OR R2.

No Han Solo

No Boba Fett

Lack of actual band in cantina scene.

Lack of skins.

Not epic enough.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the game, but the plot was a bit weak. They should of made it really dark and brooding. Also, MP skins leave a little to be desired. There should be loads of skins, including film character skins to comic character skins. I was really looking forward to playing as Exar Kun.

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