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Originally posted by toolboi
It isnt the move that sucks, nor the people who suck (well ya, they suck too actually) but the ****ty ass hit detection that sucks. The hit detection causes the following things:

1. Toe stubs: When the saber is on the ground you run in to kill them and they spin, the end of the saber pokes you in the toe and your 100 everything is gone.

2. Hammer hits: You dodge out of the way, you are WAY out of the way, and the hit still kills you (I beleive that this has something to do with Lag compensation).

3. head kicks: You run under the guy, his toe hits you, you die.

If you fixed the hit detection, and thus fixed these, the move would be FINE.
LOL!!! toe!... haha!!! that's friggin hilarious! so true but so funny... hehe.. i'm really laughing out loud now!
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