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Originally posted by Bacon00
Whiners make me cry.

If someone is doing that, just.. go away from them. Don't sit there and run around them for 5 minutes.. go fight someone else. It's not an easy move to complete w/o it binded, either.. I have just recently been able to do it consistantly.

It's slow, so if you are quick, you can cut their heads off as they're on the ground.... it's not a cheesy trick, you just like to whine and cry everytime someone kills you.

You friggin moron.

We can't run away from people on a NF saber onely dueling server now can we. They are our ONLY opponents.

You idiots constantly disgust me.
I'd like to see how you "counter" this move considering you can't approach the person while he is on the ground for a couple seconds without getting hurt, from any direction. And then considering once you can approach him he can also now move just as fast as you, always Away from you.
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