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Ya know what this plot really did for me? It made it seem like the Star Wars universe had become a nicer, gentler place. That the New Republic's attempt at stability are working. So well, that Kyle-- they're best planet-busting, one-man army--is sent on what everyone thinks is a throw-away mission. A "Bluemilk Run". Turns out this isn't true. Then, you get a look at the Jedi Academy, a peaceful place where people have nothing better to do but spar and move objects. Not aware that the Empire's trying a new push. You have a gangster posing as a ligitimate garbage hauler, where, in the Empire, he would've been more out in the open, like Jabba was. I love the wars, but the universe shouldn't be like that forever, there must be peace to some extent.

And I would've hated to see another Hutt crime-lord--Jabba's dead. Sure, there're others in the universe, but it would've seemed like this was a Jabba wannabe.

It was a far-reaching plot, not just taking us to places we'd never heard of before, but bringing us into the thick of the SW universe. I also liked the plot of JK1. It's not a question of either, or. They're both a part of the same story, and they each give to eachother to make the characters and situations more complete.
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