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-sc- Read Here

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I just think you should all read this quote very carefully because I for 1 will not obide by this code and many other might not want to either.. so as for enforcing your code on others I think that's very oppresive. If you do decide to go ahead and enforce this code you might as well have -SC- = Nazi
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Originally Posted by MATT:

Hi, I'm the guy who started the "code of honor" thread, and I have some serious issues with your idea.

First, I agree with Mr Tim and NeonSamurai, that attempting to enforce a set of rules on others, on a server that you do not control, is a very questionable practice.

Second, rule #1 opens the door for abuse. What if I decide to turn off my saber mid-fight, because I'm low on health. You hit me, and I start crying fowl. The rest of the server didn't see what happened, so now they're assuming that you backstabbed me when I was disarmed, and they're hunting you down.

It's one thing to have a personal set of rules, but to have a public set of rules, that are not enforced in the game, and to try to enforce them on others in a public setting is asking for trouble. Furthermore, things like this stand a huge chance of becoming cliquish, exclusive, and will often end up tied down in beurocracy, as different "members" develop their own ideas of what should, and should not be enforced.

If you want to have a group code of honor, that's fine, but it must be passive. If someone chooses not to follow it on a public server, you'll simply have to except it. You can kill them if they attack you, but don't go calling a kickvote, or a group witch hunt, just because they're not playing the game the way YOU think they should.

The way I figure it should be, is that if two players see the -SC- in their names, they'll realize that they are both using the same code of honor, and will observe it as far as eachother goes. However, they'll also realize that anyone without the -SC- in their name, may not afford the same coutasy, and they simply won't let their guard down around those people, concerning issues not "acceptable" in the SC.

As it is now, I will not inclued -SC- in my name. However, if it is revized, taking the issues I brought up into consideration, I'll take it into reconsideration.

You have to keep in mind that those other, non-SC, players also (hopefully) paid their $50 for the game, the same as the rest of you (hopefully) did.
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