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Originally posted by TrUeFoRcE
usually they release a list of stuff that they have fixed after they release the patch, not before....and as for the straff jumping just deal with it...if you dont completely suck at the game it shoudlnt be a problem..i dont see why people complain soo much about it...i could understand if someone was complaining about something that gives a player infinite life or makes them invisible or something...but jumping? cmon, just play the game and get good and all these little things you dont like wont matter at all because youll still be able to get kills...

Uhh come down there big shooter.........

I don't even play multiplayer on this lovely hi-tech 56k modem I have, so dealing with it is not an issue. I was just curious, that is all. No where did I say they should or should not. but there were some pretty good arguements from both sides on the issue the past week. You're snotty attitude is not one of them. As to patches, yes I am WELL aware a patch usually lists what it fixes, but that's not what I was asking for. I wanted to know what issues raven/LA is currently aware of and what findings they have made, IE do they know what is causing it or are they still looking.

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