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Hi Chenster!!! =)

Heh, I may have indirectly caused Chenster to make this topic because we were both on the same server yesterday for quite some time (at least 2 hours). We got to see ALOT of "one move wonder" players who used the heavy stance unblockable. This was the ONLY move they used.

I had the misfortune of fighting some of these players and the matches consisted of them jumping around like bunnies trying to land the move while I strafed and ran away looking for an openining.

Now I've only been playing this game for about 5 days, but damn watching/playing against people like this is extremely boring. Granted my current style of play isnt exactly entertaining, but I try to refrain from repeating the same move over and over again.

The server me and Chenster were on was a no force server so that means we had none of the "easy counters" to the heavy stance unblockable like saber throwing, pushing, etc. We basically had to take a chance and charge the opponent after the unblockable missed. Due to the HORRIBLE hit detection (that Toolboi mentioned above), I had an extreme amount of difficulty hitting the opponent during the recovery. Of course, playing on 56k doesnt help either :P And whats with the opponent's ability to do a 180 degree turn in mid air with this move? Pathetic.

If force powers were enabled, I dont think I would have problems dealing with the one move lamers but on NF servers it turns into an extremely boring cat and mouse game.

Done my noobie rant

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