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Originally posted by chenster22
I hope this topic hasn't been discussed, cuz I haven't seen it before. Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

Anyways, you know those players who only use one move: "The over head smash." And they keep doing that and doing that around a circle for 5 min straight while the other guy is dodging and running away. This ticks me off a whole lot, and when the guy gets one lucky hit, the other guy's dead. These can take up to 10 min of circling and swinging!

I hope this doesn't sound like a rant, cuz I'm not really... ranting...

Anyways, yea, what are your thoughts on that "one hit wonder, no skill" move? Is it too strong?
I wondered how long it'd take for a new "whore" to develop in other games.

In CS is was a AUG or AWP Whore.

In MOHAA it was Rocket Whore or Shotgun Bitch.

Now with JKII we have not a particular weapon whore, but a MOVE WHORE!!! People who use a single move too much are yelled at. Geez, I better not play online then, 'cause I love spinning around with Light Stance 'cause it looks cool!

I'll be called a Spin Whore!!!!

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