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I remember reading a review that says "don't even try to complete this game on a skill level other than the easiest. It is HARD."

So that's what I'm wondering: can it possibly be that the first skill level is actually harder than the third? Maybe Raven put a little surprise like this in the game? I cannot tell because I only completed the game on Jedi Knight (3) skill level... about that level, I can tell that the 1st mission (and the 4 missions afterwards) were the most difficult. Once you get your force powers, it's much easier.

So maybe on Padawan skill level it's exactly the opposite? Someone who played both please tell.

What about the Jedi Master skill? I assume the only difference between Jedi Knight and Jedi Master is that you have handicap = 50 on the latter (two times less hitpoints and armor).

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