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Originally posted by TrUeFoRcE
sorry if i came off a little hostile white, i was just stating that alot of other people compalin about it, i guess im a little more annoyed of it than i thought , i didnt mean to seem pissed at u, sorry for that...guess i should have reworded my post...
No problem, I remember the heated discussion last week as well, but there were some calm rational people who made good reasons to and not to modify. I was curious if Kenn or other ravenite read any of it, and what thier final opinion was.

I guess I should just E-mail Kenn about it.

Sinsiter, that is good for you, but I've tried games over the modem and the only thing you can play where your delay in transmission is not a distinctive disadvantage to you is an RTS. Yes, we can beat up on newbies even when thier ping is half ours, but someone better than usor as good with a ping of around 30 and you around 150, and its time to give up. You won't even be able to see half of what they are doing to learn from them. Besides, I looked last night and the best ping I got was 300. I live in BFE, and I suppose that is why, but...........

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