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ok, before I answer this thread, let me first state:
ANY move when used over and over and over again as the only tactic in a saber match gets really boring. Myself, I try to mix my stance and moves up as much as possible to keep my opponet off guard, and to keep things interesting (not to mention broaden my ability to handle most situations that come up) however...

removing that move would be a big mistake, with the force powers available to you, it's very easy to dominate a match and deliver enough damage to someone that they should have died ten times over, but they keep healthing up and dodging and strafing. they aren't using up much force so they end up with and endless supply of health during a fight.... having a one hit kill gives you the opportunity to put them out their healing misery once and for all.

as for the hit detection, yes I've seen it suck really badly, but I've also had it work to my disadvantage (doing the one hit heavy lunge and landing my saber right on someone's head, only to watch it pass right thru them, with no effect what so ever, and then have myself sliced apart while stuck at the end of that move)

I agree with those who suggested fixing the hit detection, and limiting the mobility of someone whose finished the move and is left crouched with their saber against the floor, so they can't spin around.

also, someone mentioned that you can spin 180 degrees in midair while performing the lunge, which is true, however spinning doesn't change the direction of your movement, so it makes the lunge just about worthless unless the person tries to immediately follow someone who's just passed them with the move.

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